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There are many cv/resume builder websites available on the web that are being used to create "one-page" resumes quickly. CVFOLDER is different. You can create your online cv, attach files/documents/links to each cv item, customize the look & feel, and share your cv or keep it private.

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CVFolder is NOT just another cv builder website!

You can start building your professional cv and add unlimited pages/sections. You can use your cv as "portfolio" by uploading examples of your work under each cv item (publications, awards etc.). Or use your cv as "dossier" by uploading supporting documents under each cv item (teaching, research, service, etc.) to prepare for annual reviews, tenure and promotion. Once you are done, you can choose to keep your entire cv private, or share your cv publicly with everyone OR share it privately. You can also monitor who visits your portfolio.


Record your courses semesterly and for each course, keep a copy of the course syllabus, course evaluations, student work samples, peer evaluations etc.


Record your publications, grants and presentations and under each publication/presentation, upload copies of the actual research paper, presentation files, research data files, human subject approval letter, journal acceptance and impact rate, link to the online publication at the journal website etc.


Record your university, college, professional service activities and for each activity, upload copy of the evidences/letters of your service work, link to the websites etc.


Below are the list of the things you can accomplish with cvfolder. You can click on the titles to see an example of each feature. Please keep in mind that we are adding new features all the time.


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Below are the list of the things you can accomplish with cvfolder. You can click on the titles to see an example of each feature. Please keep in mind that we are adding new features all the time.

Professional CV/Vita

A CV is a detailed professional document highlighting a person’s education, experience and accomplishments. CVFOLDER will help you create your professional cv with unlimited sections.


List your earned and pursuing degrees and upload copies of your diplomas, transcripts, thesis and dissertations etc. under each degree.


List your past and current positions and upload copies of your employment contract, annual evaluations, reference letters, promotion documents etc.


List your honors & awards you received and upload copies of your award letters, scanned images of the awards, photos etc.


List your publications and upload copies of your papers, research data files, human subject approval letter, link to the online publication etc.


List your presentations and upload copies of your papers, presentation files, research data files, link to the conference proceedings etc.


List your courses and upload copies of your course syllabi, student evaluations, student work samples etc.


List your university, college, professional services and upload copies of supporting documentation, link to the websites etc.


List your certifications and upload copy your certifications, exam results, letters etc.


List your funded/unfunded grants and upload copies of grant application, grant approval letter, grant publications, files, etc.

Professional Development

List your professional development activities and upload copies of professional development activities, letters, evaluations etc.


List your current/past projects and upload copies of the project files, letters, evaluations, external links etc.


List your references and upload copies of reference letters, links to your references' websites etc.


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Contact Me

"Contact Me" section is an invaluable way to draw in prospective employers and strengthen your brand engagement.


CVFOLDER can be private, shared with only certain people, or published publicly. You decide!


CVFOLDER can automatically create annual reports extracted from your cv/vita.


You need a copy of your entire cv/vita? Sure, with couple of clicks, you can export your cv as PDF or Word.


Below you will see examples of curriculum vitae using cvfolder.


Cinque Terre

John Doe

Standard Faculty
Curriculum Vita:
Associate Professor


Cinque Terre

Maddie Miller

Standard Faculty
Curriculum Vita:
Full Professor

Preservice Teacher

Cinque Terre

Heather Johnson

Standard Resume
Preservice Teacher Resume for Job Application

Preservice Teacher

Cinque Terre

Bonnie Carmel

Standard-Based Portfolio:
Florida Educator Accomplished Practices

Preservice Teacher

Cinque Terre

Amy Garner

Standard-Based Portfolio Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers (PST)

Marylyn Belinda, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

I used to save my research publication files on my office and home computer. I also used to backup my work folders on a USB drive and upload a copy of them to Dropbox. The problem was I had to update all of them, at the same time! Now, I have everything on cvfolder and it is very easy to keep everything in one place.

Cohen Cordell, Ph.D


When I present at conferences, people always asked me a copy of my paper and PowerPoint. Sometimes I am even asked to share a presentation I did two years ago. Now, with cvfolder, I can share anything with my colleagues!

Jennifer Green, Ph.D

Associate Professor

I am teaching various undergraduate and graduate courses. I always need to record my courses semesterly and keep a copy of the syllabi, course evaluations, etc. for each course so that I can pull them up when I need them for my annual reviews. There are times I needed to share some of the syllabi with my students privately. Cvfolder lets me do that very easily.

Bayden Monroe, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Cvfolder helps me create and publish my curriculum vita as a professional faculty website and keep my online presence active. I can also keep some of my curriculum vita items private. Thank you cvfolder.

David Harrison

Preservice Teacher

My teacher education program started requiring electronic portfolios as a graduation requirement. I choose cvfolder for my portfolio platform and so far I love it. My university supervisor and mentor teacher also very happy with my portfolio.